Ride On Mower Finance Saves You Money

The time per job that a lawn mowing contractor saves by using a Ride-on Mower instead of a push mower is significant, and will positively impact the bottom line of the business. Most Lawn Mowing Contractors commence business with a domestic “push” mower/s because the cost is affordable. However, when they become busy, pushing a lawn mower suddenly becomes the slow option of doing business and starts costing the contractor in time and therefore money. They are slower on the job, and slow to get to the next client.

No surprises here, Lawn Mowing Men have more work and therefore earn more money in Summer and considerably less in Winter. So, given that summer work days are long & hot, they must still complete the lawns and finish their jobs on time to maximise their additional earnings while the work is available.

Financing a Ride On Mower

The purchase of a ride on mower on finance can help overcome those long Summer days and make them more profitable by:

  1. Increasing the hourly $$$ earning rate
  2. Reduce the total hours worked per day
  3. Ensure you are using reliable equipment

Reducing hours worked in Summer AND increase one’s income per hour is a double bonus.

Redline Finance has financed over 250 ride on mowers over the past 19 years.

The price of ride-on mowers used by mowing contractors has been around $17,500 inc GST and the price has remained static during this period.

Weekly repayment are around $90. Weekly repayment of $90 is affordable to most proprietors.

A purpose built trailer (like Jims Mowing) may be required to carry a ride-on and again these can be included in the finance for the mower.

In addition, contractors who have previously predominately carried out domestic home lawn mowing can venture into winning commercial lawn care when a ride-on is available. Commercial work is normally far more profitable for the operator if purely because the job is larger at one location and reduces repeated traveling time to numerous small domestic jobs.

Finance Term for a Ride On MOwer

The finance term taken for these items is normally 60 months. The reliable life of a ride-on is similar, 60 months.

Finance provided by Redline has NIL residual value hence at the end of the term the goods are owned outright without further payment.

After 60 months, the  mower has come to the end of its reliable life and the contractor can normally trade-in their mower against the purchase of a New mower and fresh finance is commenced with a similar repayment to what has been familiar previously.

Quality Brands of Ride On Mowers

Numerous quality brands of mowers are available. The more common ones are as follows:

  • Walker
  • Bobcat
  • Toro
  • Husqvarna
  • John Deere
  • Kubota

Finance for Ride-on Mower

Redline Finance offer a 3 Step Fast and Easy Finance process Australia Wide. To enquire, call Mark on 0416 293 368 or Enquire Now using the form below, any time of the day or night.

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