Water pressure cleaners answer to many names.

Pressure washer, pressure cleaner, water blaster, water blaster, water jetter, jetter and water pressure cleaner. Whatever you may call it, they are a necessary piece of equipment in many industries and used for a variety of problems such as:

  • cleaning domestic & commercial driveways, stairs , patios, pool surrounds etc
  • oily/greasy workshop floors
  • truck bodywork & chassis
  • earthmoving equipment
  • 4WD bodywork  & chassis
  • brick cleaning of new homes
  • unblocking water pipes both domestic and commercial
  • graffiti removal
  • cleaning of concrete pump lines

Water pressure cleaners come in a variety of sizes and prices; and the price and size normally dictate the water pressure produced by the unit. For example, a plumber uses a water blaster that produces pressure of up to 5,000psi to clean drains blocked by tree roots and sewage.

Water blasters start at around $7,000 and go up to $100,000; however jetters can be an excellent money earner for an operator given the finance repayment is normally substantially less than it’s earning rate per hour/day.

For example

  • A $10,000 unit finance repayment is from $58 per week.
  • A brick cleaner earns around $750 per day from a $15,000 unit with a finance repayment from $80 per week.

Plumbers and Water Blasters

Jetters have replaced electric eels for unblocking water drains. Blocked drain water jetting rates range between $240 – $350 for the first hour, then between $100 – $250 per hour thereafter. Finance repayment on this equipment would be around $100 per week. A great return on investment !

Redline Finance have provided finance for countless water blasters / jetters over the years, ensuring businesses are benefiting from the latest equipment and being more profitable and effective on the job.

Innovative Supplier of Water Blasters

We work with many suppliers, helping their customers afford modern equipment to do an outstanding job for their customers. One new innovative supplier of jetters is Domaine Pty Ltd located in Sydney. Owned by Mark Awad, they supply high quality equipment Australia wide, backed by A1 after sales service!

Finance for Water Blasters

We offer a 3 Step Fast and Easy Finance process Australia Wide. To enquire, call Mark on 0416 293 368 or Enquire Now using the form below, any time of the day or night.

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